October 11, 2006

Each Christmas, the first graders at my old school would proudly sing, “All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth.” This past weekend I created my own version and proudly titled it, “All Zoe Wants for Columbus Day Are Her Two Front Teeth.” Obviously, it doesn’t have the same ring as the original one and it probably won’t catch on among the kids. However, it worked! Zoe’s top right tooth has broken through her gums! Additionally, it was a fairly easy process for us all, just a case of diaper rash, severely drool soaked shirts, and a few moments of obvious discomfort. And “POOF,” Zoe has a new tooth!

I don’t think she is too thrilled with the new addition to her mouth, as she refuses to let anyone close to feeling it. As soon as we put our fingers near her mouth, she pierces her lips, and violently shakes her head. If we are able to squeeze a finger in she’ll clamp it together with her lips and wiggle her head until our fingers are out of her mouth. We’ve resorted to the old “I’ve got food in my fingers trick” and will go to feed her a bite of fruit or something and quickly attempt to feel her new tooth. Because of this method, we are certain that there is a tooth!

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