October 10, 2006

Due to a much needed day off in the swim practice schedule, we planned an impromptu fall road trip to Michigan. It was a perfect weekend. We took off early Sunday morning and drove along the lake to New Buffalo, Michigan. What a beautiful drive. As many of you know, I am not one for all that nature stuff, but my goodness the lake and the leaves and cool air, pretty amazing. We shopped and ate in New Buffalo and spent some time damping our feet in the cold water. The weather was perfect, blue skies and that fall crisp breeze.

That area of Michigan is bombarded with wineries and over the two days we went to ten wineries and tasting rooms. Each stop we pulled out Zoe’s baggy of Cheerios, which certainly kept her entertained as we had our sips of wine. The comment was made more than once that we had brought our own wine crackers!

On Monday we worked our way up to Saugatuck and shopped in the artisan town. We certainly lucked out, because again, the weather was perfect. Zoe loved being pushed in the stroller, waving to everyone walking along with us on the sidewalk. After stopping at a few more wineries we made our way home, all refreshed and relaxed!

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