October 3, 2006

Zoe has a phobia of sorts. She totally dislikes objects on her head. She’ll only accept a hat on her head if you distract her with another “cooler” object while you put it on. Once the distractor has lost its coolness factor she’ll immediately start tugging and pulling on the hat, while making a whining type noise. This will continue until she pulls the hat off or until we remove it for her. I made the comment to my mom that this could be a long winter and she wholeheartedly agreed!

She also strongly dislikes it when others have objects on their heads. One of Zak’s new favorite games to play with her is “How Quickly Will Zoe Remove This Toy From My Head?” He’ll put a toy of hers, from a block to the ricotta cheese lid, on his head and just sit there. Zoe immediately zooms over to him, crawl up his chest, and start swatting her arms until the object is removed. She (and he) can play this game for a very long time.

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