October 6, 2006

Often Zoe gets upset at inanimate objects and it is a hoot to watch. Here are a few examples:

First, the other night she was sitting in the tub taking a bath, laughing away, and making big splashes. With her back to the drain, she lightly bumped her head against the faucet. She very slowly turned around and gave the faucet the nastiest look ever. It was clear she was thinking, “What are YOU doing in MY way?” She then went right back to her giggling.

Another time she was playing with the wipe container, trying to pry it open, but it wasn’t opening. She got so upset at it she gave it that same look and threw it a few feet away from her.

Often, when we open the fridge she’ll crawl over with a hope to get inside the mystery cold box. As soon as we close the door she’ll give a quick not-so-nice glance at the refrigerator door, like it was all it’s fault she didn’t get in.

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