October 1, 2006

Zoe is at an age where there are so many “firsts.” She has her first teeth. She is so close to her first independent steps. She is trying so many foods for the first time. She is about to get her first pair of real shoes. She has her first winter coat. She is getting ready to celebrate her first birthday. She went to her first rock concert.

Yep, that’s right, at the mere age of 10 months old, Zoe went to a rock concert. One of our favorite bands, Barenaked Ladies, were performing on a live recording of a morning talk show at the zoo. So we went. We figured that not very often does our favorite band do a show, in our hometown, for free, that our ten month old can go to! The zoo gates opened at 5:30 in the morning, so Zak got to sleep in, while Zoe and I were up hours earlier than usual. It happened to be the coldest morning of the season, a mere 40 degrees, so Zoe was able to wear her new winter coat, mittens, scarf, and hat. She was darling, but couldn’t rotate or anything, as her arms were forced to be as stiff as boards in her heavy coat.

As the sun came up, Zoe became a bit more aware of the fact that she was not in her cozy pajamas in her warm house and started to fuss a bit. We fed her breakfast and lots of snacks, but she decided that it would be best to lay down across our laps and take a nap. We woke her up just as Ed and Steve from BNL were about to take stage and she began to smile, laugh, and wildly wave her arms. She danced with both Zak and I and certainly decided that Barenaked Ladies is her new favorite band! Forget Raffi!

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