September 14, 2006

You know it’s a bad week when you have two incidents that involve calls to local emergency services.

Zoe and I had done a week worth of grocery shopping and made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s to pick up a few last items. As we were leaving the store I pulled out our umbrella to shield us from the constant drizzle and reached into my purse to get my keys ready. I couldn’t locate them right away, so pulled the cart to the side and started pulling out diapers, wipes, onesies, many toys, and baby finger snacks, but no keys. We made a mad dash to the car and I peered into the windows and, sure enough, my keys were on the backseat next to Zoe’s car seat. I realized I must have placed them on the seat while getting Zoe out of the car and I knew I had locked it from the inside, as I always did. (Notice the past tense!)

So I called the police and they graciously attempted to unlock the car. Unfortunately, my car is pretty thief proof and the gadget didn’t even come close to working. So they called another officer, but he didn’t have the right tools, so nearly 35 minutes after the first officer arrived another came with a wedge and a long pole. He wedged my door open a few centimeters and hit the inside lock button with the pole. Open at last!!! We were drenched and cold and Zoe was hungry and tired, but we could go home thanks to the helpful LaGrange police department. That was the first incident.

Two days later I made a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake for Zak’s birthday and some of the gooey goodness dripped to the bottom of the oven. The following day I attempted to wipe up the debris, but realized I should just use the self-cleaner feature of our oven and let it take care of itself. It was about 8:30 am when Zoe and I were playing upstairs and the smoke alarm went off. I checked the oven and everything seemed ok, so I turned on the hall fan and went back to playing. Moments later, it went off again, so I went downstairs and saw the smoke filling the kitchen. I zoomed back upstairs and grabbed Zoe and my cell phone and went outside. I called my dad and while on the phone with him I peeked back inside and I couldn’t even see more than 10 feet, so I dialed 911. When the fire truck and police SUV pulled up Zoe and I must have been a sad sight, standing on the lawn in our bare feet and in out pajamas. The firefighters turned off the oven (which I couldn’t have done because it was locked) and the cleared the smoke with a massive fan. Again, they were very kind and helpful, but it was a rough week for sure!

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