September 13, 2006

Zoe and I started a swim and gym class on Wednesday mornings and the local YMCA and boy are we having a blast. There are about seven other kids in the class and most are a bit older than Zoe and are walking, but Zoe fits right in. We start each class with 30 minutes playing in the gyms, including climbing on the equipment, singing movement songs, running around the gym, and playing with big blocks! Zoe loves it!!! She wiggles around and laughs and laughs the whole time, just having a ball. She loves interacting with the other kids and will crawl over to them and pet them or play with their shoes. It is just amazing to watch.

After gym time, we change into our suits and head over to the pool. Obviously, Zak is determined to mold Zoe into a phenomenal swimmer, but Zoe just might want to do that on her own. We sing water songs and practice kicking and paddling. Zoe just loves it, splashing all around. My favorite part is when the instructor holds Zoe on the side of the pool and I stand a few feet away from her and encourage her to “jump” in to me. She does every time and is even ok when her face goes under water. She loves to chase the floating balls and play with the all the water toys.

When we get home, Zoe takes an extra long nap, nearly three hours, as the class surely wipes Zoe out!!!

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