August 23, 2006

In addition to Zak going back to work, one of the hardest things about this end of summer is not returning to work myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every moment I spend at home taking care of Zoe and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, but I really did like teaching and this time of year has always been filled with such excitement and anticipation.  One of my favorite things about preparing for a new school year, is the back to school shopping.  I loved wondering through the aisles picking out the markers, crayons, red pens, and post-it notes that I’d use for the upcoming year.  This was the first year that I felt I wasn’t able to get really excited about the remarkable deals on Crayola products.  That is until I decided that it would be a good time for Zoe to get her first box of crayons.  We spent a long time in the Crayola aisle trying to decide between the many boxes of crayons and finally chose a standard box of 24.  They all have perfect points and smell like the clean wax scent that only Crayola products can achieve.  What an important day, Zoe’s first Crayola product!

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