August 16, 2006

Zoe is all about chatting these days.  She is one winded girl, hence the reason she’s from the suburbs of “The Windy City.”  She mainly likes to say, “dada, dada, da, dad, dada, dada.”  Each day we think more and more that she is actually talking about Zak.  I’m sure that before too long it will be obvious that “dada” is Zak.  She says it over and over all day long and we think that is means that Zoe really loves her dad.  Zak said that it’s great, but it’s would kind of be like if he said, “Molly, Molly, Mol, Molly, Molmol, Molly, Molly,” all day long!  Great to know that you’re loved, but you get the message pretty quickly.

I have turned her new talking into Zoe’s latest trick.  I’ll ask whom she wants to change her dirty diaper, or who should make dinner, or who should take out the garbage, or who should give her a bath and that answer is always, “Dada!!”  However, Zak is also using it to his advantage and will ask who she wants to NOT change her diaper, or who shouldn’t fold the clothes, or who is too busy to make dinner, or who needs someone to bring him a glass of lemonade.  Again, the answer is always, “Dada!!”

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