August 14, 2006

When Zoe first started to crawl around, her only goal for hours would be to move from one room to another. Shortly after the crawling started she learned how to pull herself up and stand. At that point the only purpose of crawling was to get to a spot where she could stand. She was pulling herself up on everything, the usual coffee tables and couches, but also drawers, beds, boxes, the laundry basket, everything. In fact, she is always standing when we go to get her up from her naps.

However, recently she discovered the stairs. Zak taught her how to climb them by guiding each limb up, step by step. (Can anyone name the artist? “Step by step, ohh baby. Gonna get to you girl. Step by step, ohh baby. I really want you in my world.” Anyone?) She has absolutely mastered the skill of going up stairs and now the main purpose behind her crawling is to get to the stairs. Although one of us is always right behind her with a hand on her rear, she can completely get up all stairs. It is really amazing, although a bit tiring, as we don’t necessarily always want to go upstairs over and over and over and over again. We don’t need the stair master in this house!

When she get up to the bedroom level she’ll stop for a second to sit, smile, and wave her hands, clearly exclaiming, “I did it!” She’ll then start for the bathroom or a bedroom. If she gets to the bathroom, she’ll head directly for “The Glasses Drawer,” where I keep all eight pairs of my glasses and their cases. She loves up pull each item out and examines it before putting it in her mouth. If she heads to her bedroom, she’ll go to the bookcase and pull all the books of the shelf, one by one. Then we carry her downstairs and the whole process repeats again and again. Until it’s time to eat. Answer: New Kids on the Block

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