August 8, 2006

Hello all! We have been as busy as ever. This past weekend we went to St. Louis for the weekend for a wedding. For the first time in almost 9 months, when I say “we”, I actually mean Zak and myself! Zoe stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and although we missed her tremendously, she had a fabulous time and we had a relaxing time!

First, I’ll start with Zoe’s adventures. My parents just kept saying how sweet her personality is and how well adjusted she is and how clam and loving she is. The trip started off great with a field trip to Toys ‘R Us. Zoe doesn’t usually get field trips of that caliber with us, usually it’s just the Jewel or Sam’s Club. They visited my grandparents, played in the backyard pool, went to lunch, went to the Elgin Fine Arts Festival, and played, and played, and played! I know that Zoe kept them busy, but I also know that they loved every second of being with her. Zak and I are so fortunate to be able to count on them.

Now, Zak and I spent the first leg of our trip back in Peoria , our college town. We pretty much just ate and drank there…Mr. G’s Chicago Dogs, Jimmy’s Pub, Ice Cream Shack, Rizzi’s, Kalahars, and Richard’s. All in less than 10 hours!! It brought back good memories, but as I said last time I was in Peoria , I probably don’t need to go back for a very, very long time.

On Saturday morning we heading down to St. Louis for my college roommate, Katie’s, wedding. It was the most beautiful ceremony and reception ever. I swear there wasn’t a detail she didn’t think about. It was a lot of fun to be able to enjoy such a special event with them and we wish her and Bret nothing but a long lifetime of love and happiness!

Sunday we were reunited with Zoe and, although, she did seem a bit peeved at us at first, she quickly forgave us and was loaded with hugs and snuggles and smiles and laughs and lots of drool for us.

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