August 3, 2006

I’ve been meaning to write a web update for days now, but our little munchkin has kept me busy! After mastering the art of crawling, Zoe still wasn’t satisfied and has started to stand. She pulls herself up onto everything more than 6 inches tall and her face gleams with pride and joy. She has learned to communicate with us in her own special way. If she’s hungry, she’ll crawl to her high chair and pull herself up, waiting for us to feed her. If she wants to swing she’ll crawl to her swing and stand up, waiting for us to help her in. And my favorite is when wants to be held and she’ll crawl to my feet and pull herself up my legs, looking up toward my arms with a look of desire in her eyes.

In combination of learning to stand, she also learned how to go up stairs! This new strategy is perfect for the adventurous types, like Zoe, but downright tiresome for those taking care of her. I swear, you blink and she is half way up the bottom stair, and by the time you make your way over to the staircase, she’s got the other leg pulled up and is starting to stand, reaching for the second stair. Fortunately, both Zak and I are good spotters, so we haven’t had any accidents yet.

She also started opening the kitchen cabinets yesterday. We were really hoping that we wouldn’t have to baby proof them in this house and those annoying push down gadgets could wait for our new kitchen, but with the lack of interest from potential buyers it is looking like we are going to be installing those before too long.

We also now eat dinner as a family and Zoe eats a mini version of we’re having. This week we ate a lot of fruit salad and each night I made Zoe her own. Being good parents, we are obviously very cautious about the size of her bites, but I was going crazy cutting each blueberry into 8 pieces. Tiny bites for a tiny girl.

Zak just finished feeding her lunch, which consisted of green beans. Now, green beans have never been her all time favorite, but she certainly has tolerated them. This time, however; she was making faces and taking each spoonful out with her hands, thus creating a new meaning for the term β€œfinger food.”

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