June 16, 2006

Yet another fun, exciting week in the Knott’s household. We spent much of the week waiting for our turn. Tuesday we had to go to the DMV (motto: We don’t want to be here, and will be really upset if you ask anything that requires me to work.) to transfer my grandpa’s car title to our name. It turns out that wanting to keep the same license plates that have been in the family for over 6 decades is a pain in the rear for the people that work at the DMV (motto 2: We are not sociable, so don’t even bother making small talk.) making them not terribly friendly, even after an hour wait. They wouldn’t allow us to get done what we needed to until we had yet another signature from Grandpa. So a long morning wasted for nothing.

On Wednesday we had to wait in another office for Zoe to get her six month shots. Due to those stupid insurance companies and their stupid policies of not paying for immunization shots, we have to go to the Cook County Health Office to get Zoe her shots from now on. Again, we had to wait about an hour, only to hear our baby scream in agonizing pain as the needles pierced her thighs. Fortunately, after those initial cries she had no reaction to the shots.

After getting Grandpa to sign the car papers, we went back to the DMV (motto3: We all hate our jobs and we have poor customer service.) and waited again to get all the car stuff situated. Fortunately, it all worked out this time and we should be all set after the state approves the “rebuying” of the license plates. In case you don’t know, the state actually owns the plate numbers, not “your family”, as the friendly lady told us.

After all that waiting around, we were able to totally relax and enjoy swimming in the backyard pool. Zoe and I spent today in Elgin , doing the usual: lunch, shopping, Starbucks. We even swam in the backyard today and we are spending the night out in Elgin tonight, to cut down on the drive we have to a bridal shower tomorrow.

Through all the waiting around, Zoe has continued to be nothing but a joy. She totally sits up now, like it’s here job or something. She is very insistent about putting everything in her mouth, from toys to papers to computers to purses. Everything. She is also enjoying more and more foods. She loves prunes and eggplant and we are going to introduce avocado soon! We’re still loving this girl with all our hearts!!

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