June 29, 2006

I think I am a pretty good mom, which, I hope, makes up for the fact that I am not very good at updating the website!

We have been so busy this summer, it is almost impossible to explain, but Zoe is changing daily. It is so miraculous to watch her, each day, learning and exploring her world.

She has found a new way to entertain herself, us, and everyone she comes in contact with. It is the simple game of peek-a-boo. We’ve been playing it with her for months and she has always been delighted when we uncover our eyes with a big smile. However, this week she learned to reverse the roles and be the “hider.” She’ll quickly raise her arms and a burp cloth or blanket to cover her eyes. After a few moments, she throws her arms down, to uncover a very happy and excited Zoe! When we laugh or exclaim “Peek-a-boo!!” she giggles and then will hide again. We like to sneak a look behind the blanket and Zoe’s face is always very serious while in the hiding position, but she knows that she has to be happy when she emerges, because that is how you play peek-a-boo. The most hilarious is when she will play the game and her hands are empty. She just raises her arms and then, almost violently, lowers them and then smiles. It is by far the most darling thing she does these days.

Another new habit occurs while she is playing. I’ll be sitting on the ground with her and she’ll be happily playing with her toys. She will then maneuver her way to my lap and will lay her head down to rest for a few moments. After a brief break, she gets up again and starts to play. It melts my heart every single time.

We think that Zoe is getting pretty close to getting a tooth. Just this morning I felt a little bump on her lower gums. I think, or at least hope, this has caused Zoe to find a new sound. It is a very high-pitched whining noise, that really only a parent could find endearing. I feel she is a bit frustrated, being almost able to really crawl, almost having a tooth, not being able to accurately communicate and turns those feelings into whines. I actually think it is quite cute, but that lady behind us at the Jewel yesterday seemed to this otherwise.

The other big news is that Zoe may or may not have said a “word.” We were at my parents last weekend for a cookout. Michael had fed Zoe supper and Zak and Michael were cleaning up her face with a paper towel. Zoe hates having her face wiped, so she was making some noises. Then both Michael and Zak said they heard Zoe say “Mama.” As in, “Mama, come save me. I don’t want to be wiped now.” We haven’t heard he say it again, but I’ve been telling Zoe all week that I’m her Mama. I have found it to be more fun to say, “Me yo Mama.” as opposed to, “I’m your Mama.” So, Zoe might have some pronoun problems down the line, but I like feeling like I’m from the ‘hood, so it’s worth it!

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