June 7, 2006

OK, I don’t like when I go so long without updating the website. I feel like there is so much to share that I get overwhelmed that I just put it off for days. So…here are the recent going ons!

First, last Thursday was Zoe’s six month appointment. She is still fabulous, of course. She weighs a remarkable 18 pounds and is 27 inches long. Her head circumference is 17 inches. According to the national percentiles she’s 95 percent for height and 75-90 percent for weight.

She’s continuing to eat well, now enjoying apples, prunes, oatmeal, green beans, squash, and sweet potatoes. Although, she has a very funny personality, eating time is all about business. As we place her in her high chair, her smile will disappear and she’ll look at us with this look saying, “OK, I’m ready now. Bring it on, but no games. I don’t want you to pretend my food is an airplane.”

Zoe and I continue to spend each Friday with my mom, either here, in Elgin, or shopping somewhere in between. Recently, we started going to Starbucks every Friday afternoon, just to relax and drink an oversized, delicious coffee drink. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zoe’s first word is frappachino.

On Saturday my parents, Michael, and Zak, Zoe, and I moved all the remaining furniture and stuff out of my grandpa’s condo. It was a long, hard day, especially for the guys, but it was one of those days where the family really came together to get something done. Zak and I feel especially blessed, because GH gave us his hand-carved dining room set from the 1930s. It is so beautiful and we feel so honored to have it in our home.

Monday, Zoe and I went to the Jefferson Picnic Field Trip. It was a lot of fun, seeing all my students again and showing off that darling Z-girl. Yesterday we all spent the day playing in the backyard, swimming and wiggling around on the ground.

Unfortunately, Zoe woke up with her first cold this morning. She is so stuffed up and can’t breathe out of her nose, but doesn’t really know how to breathe out of her mouth. Each exhale is accompanied with a mouthful of spit flying in every direction. She obviously doesn’t know how to cover her mouth when she sneezes, creating a rainstorm of goo each sneeze. I always remember my mom saying that there is nothing worse than when your own kid is worse, and I finally get it now. I just want to wave a magic wand and make everything better, because she is clearly so uncomfortable. Hopefully she’ll recover quickly and we can get on with our summer, although the doctor said it would last 7 to 10 days.

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