May 29, 2006

As American Idol judge, Randy Jackson would say. “Dawg, we got a hot one today!” It has been a hot weekend, and we’ve spent most of it trying to keep Zoe cool while having a ton of fun!

Saturday was the grand opening of the carousel at Brookfield Zoo and we knew we couldn’t allow Zoe to miss out on such a historical event! After a picnic lunch, Zak took Zoe on her first carousel ride. Many of the animals were full, but she was able to grab the dolphin before anyone else did. She held on to the poll tightly the entire five rotations of the ride, excitedly laughing each time the dolphin went up and down. When the ride had finished we went to look at the seals and then I got to ride the carousel with Zoe. The letter “Z” is a special one in our home and because zebra obviously starts with “Z”, we were very thrilled to be able to ride the zebra! I only had to push a few people over to get it! Again, Zoe loved the ride, and I have to admit, it was pretty fun!

Yesterday we went to the umpteenth annual Memorial Day picnic at the Eby’s. Jim, Lisa, and Web Eby are family friends of ours that have been close to my family forever. I remember nearly dozens of these Memorial Day picnics and only have fun memories of them. Anyway, in spite of the hot, hot weather we headed out and really had a great time. It was a whole new group of people for Zoe to meet and of course Zoe was great. She even missed out on a nap or two and was still cheerful and pleasant.

Being the third hot day in a row, we’ve spent most of today inside air conditioned stores, getting some shopping done. Excitingly, one of our purchases included a kiddie pool for Zoe! It was the last one they had left and it was pink! Perfect! It is very small, but very cute. We got Zoe all dolled up in the darling new swimsuit and started to head out back, when we heard thunder rumble overhead. So, Zoe is taking a nap while the dark clouds passed and I am now anxiously awaiting her to wake up so we can go swimming! Meanwhile, Zak fired up the smoker for the first time this season and we’re going to have a delicious dinner of smoked chicken and grilled cauliflower. Zoe is going to enjoy her newest favorite, cool bananas!

We hope everyone had a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend!

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