May 7, 2006

We’ve been busy this past week, but have been having a lot of fun. Last Friday, Zoe and I spent the day in Elgin and my mom was able to feed Zoe cereal for the first time. It was a riot, very messy. My folks didn’t have a high chair, mainly because Mike and I out grew ours a couple of decades ago, so I held Zoe while my mom fed her. It worked, but was not ideal, so we went highchair shopping that afternoon! Zak had wanted them to get one that came with toys, but my mom went with one that converts into a booster seat…between Zoe and any other grandkids, it will be used for years and years!

Saturday was a very special day, as Zak graduated from Aurora University with his master’s degree!!! After two and a half years of a lot of very hard work, he is now a master. Zak would argue with the “hard work” statement and say he just had to talk about his feelings, but it HAD to be more difficult than that! The ceremony was very nice, outdoors, under a huge tent. Zoe wore her Easter dress again and was perfect during the ceremony.

After a quick lunch with Zak’s parents before they headed home, we went to a Kentucky Derby party at the home of some of my parent’s friends. Although we missed the race, everyone was happy to see Zoe. She ended up having her photo taken about ten thousand times. In fact, there was this one very nice lady who kept taking her picture, like she was in a fashion shoot. We didn’t know the lady, but she sure has a lot of picture of Zoe.

Sunday was a long day, a fairly fun day, but a long one. We got up early and went to church. I think I must have overfed Zoe, because at the beginning of the service, while everyone was standing, Zoe spit-up a lot all over the pew in front of us! We had to stop the nice older couple from sitting down, while we franticly attempted to clean it up with the one burp cloth we brought. Meanwhile, the whole pew had to scoot down, so they didn’t have to sit in Zoe goo. We got settled in again, when Zoe proceeded to spit-up all over the crotch of Zak’s pants. At this point our only burp cloth was dripping in a wet, slimy goo, so I grabbed a onesie out of the diaper bag and we converted that into a burp cloth. Throughout this all, Zoe is just the happiest baby in the congregation, smiling and laughing and just being her usually darling self. Zak however, is a little frustrated and decided to leave and try to get Zoe to sleep. (This is about 10 minutes into the service.) Well, they disappear for the rest of the service and it isn’t until afterwards that I find them in the lobby. It turns out that Zoe started to cry, so Zak took her for a ride in the car to put her to sleep. Way to get out of church, Zak!!

Sunday afternoon we went to the Chocolate Festival in Long Grove. We had been last year and knew it would be fun, especially on such a beautiful day. However; we had left the house kind of rushed and forgot to bring the baby bjorn. It turns out that strollers are not easy to maneuver through a festival of chocolate. Next time, we’d bring the bjorn for sure!

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