May 3, 2006

This one is totally non-Zoe related and even goes back a week or two, but it is damn funny, so I thought I’d share.

It was a sunny morning, an early morning, like 7:00 . Zak had left for work and I was barely awake listening to Zoe start to wake up over the monitor. I heard the front door unlock and Zak come in and go downstairs. I figured he just forgot to put on deodorant again. (This has become quite an unfortunate habit, I even had to buy an extra tube for him to leave at work.) Well, he came upstairs a few moments later and peeked into the bedroom to see if I was awake. I opened my eyes and Zak was holding a roll of duct tape and said, “I did something really dumb. I was backing out of the garage and the car was too close to the garage door and the side view mirror came off.” Of course I start laughing at him.

Later that evening, I was still teasing Zak and asked him to tell me what happened again. He said that he didn’t want me to get upset, but the whole incident was actually my fault. I questioned him and it turns out my car was parked too close to his side of the garage when he had to pull in, which led to the mirror being too close and ripped off. I then thought a moment and quickly pointed out that Zak had been the last one to drive my car! Zak reluctantly took back that whole “it’s your fault” comment!

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