April 30, 2006

Zoe is now The World’s Greatest Sleeper. She consistently falls asleep without making a peep and will sleep from 8 to 7 everyday. She never wakes during the night and is all around a perfect sleeper. That is just a bit of background.

One night last week, Zoe had been asleep for two hours when I went in to give her a kiss good night and tell her sweet dreams. My whispers and the squeaky floor must have woken her just a tad. I had walked back to our room and crawled into bed, when over the monitor I heard a massive amount of gas being passed. It was the kind of toot that you’d expect to hear in a frat house after a bean-eating contest. I looked over at Zak and he immediately insisted that it wasn’t him. Almost instantly after the passed gas, Zoe let out one long, painful cry. Zak and I started laughing hysterically. However, the cries continued a few moments later and got stronger and sadder. We didn’t know what to do. Here Zoe is supposed to be able to calm herself down, but we could tell this was serious business. After discussing the situation for a bit, Zak went into her bedroom and Zoe was ON HER TUMMY!!!! That passed gas and blown her over and she didn’t know what to do about it! Flip back over? No. Play cool, and just go back to sleep? No. Cry like it is the end of the world? Yes, yes, that’s the one! Zak flipped her back to her back and all was quiet. For 10 minutes. Then the crying started again and Zak had to go flip our little pancake again. Fortunately, that was it and Zoe was fine for the night.

Over the next few days, Zoe kept flipping to her stomach in her crib and within just a day or two she realized that it wasn’t the end of life and it really is pretty cool on your tummy. Now she is always on her stomach when she wakes up.

Now to the really cool part: For some reason she sleeps a significant longer amount of time on her stomach. Her naps have stretched to almost 2 hours and this morning she didn’t wake up until 8:30! We even had to forgo church this morning, because Zoe was sleeping and I KNOW God wouldn’t have wanted us to wake up one of his children from a peaceful sleep just to sing a few songs and do some praying.

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