April 27, 2006

Wow, Zoe has been a bunch of fun lately. Her personality shines more and more each day. She can be down-right silly, quite serious, extraordinarily sad, and completely laid-back and relaxed all in a matter of a minute or two. Maybe she has multiple personalities…hum? I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll have to add that to the “Ask Doctor At the Next Appointment” list. (I don’t think it’s worthy for the “Call Doctor Now and Interrupt His Dinner” list.)

This munchkin we call Zoe has a great sense of humor. It seems she always knows what the punch line is and responds appropriately, with a smile that engulfs her entire face and the most gentle, yet sincere giggle. For example, she has learned to appreciate potty humor at this young age. She’s been pooping more now that she has started solids and I’m learning that it often happens at inopportune times, such as in Target, at the library, or in the middle of dinner. I wince when this happens, but Zoe thinks it is the funniest thing she has ever done…bursting out that smile and giggle. Yeah, a great sense of humor at the expense of my disgust!

Zoe shows a very serious side when it comes to things that could be considered food. If she sees anything within arm’s reach that could fit in the mouth Zoe instantly becomes focused and refuses to be distracted by anything. She’ll reach with all her might, violently grab the object, and stuff it into her mouth. This is quite a serious activity for Zoe, but Zak and I are having a ball with it. Some objects include: the clicker, the empty risotto box, our food, my hair, and of course all the typical baby toys!

I think that the things that Zoe finds sad are hilarious! In addition to the normal crying when she’s tired or hungry, she has started to SOB when she is done eating. She loves her 2 teaspoons of rice cereal so much that she seriously cries when the spoon stops coming, but rather rests peacefully in the empty bowl. It is the kind of cry that you all would feel really sad about, but when it is your own kiddo, you just have to laugh. When she first started this I felt kind of guilty about not having more food for her, but now I just give her a toy and she calms down a bit in a few minutes and a while later the heaving stops.

Zoe can be in the middle of a great activity (like sucking Zak’s arm), when suddenly she’ll stop and just sit back and relax, taking everything it for a while. Today we were in the barbershop with Grandpa Harry, watching him get his haircut. Zoe had been very content and happy playing with a pink elephant toy, when she abruptly dropped the toy and threw both arms back, and totally relaxed in my arms!

Well, she continues to be the joy of our lives and I am having a blast watching Zak be a dad. In fact, at this very moment he and Zoe are prancing around the family room, dancing and rocking out to some Dixie Chicks! Priceless.

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