May 8, 2006

We have introduced the world of REAL food to Zoe!! You can’t really call the gooey mess of rice cereal real, but the delicious sweet potatoes you can call real! We are doing the whole food thing very Marthaesque and making all of Zoe’s food. At least for the time being. We want to do everything just right, so we went to Whole Foods and bought Zoe organic vegetables! Lucky girl!

I nuked up some sweet potatoes and went through a whole process of pureeing them in the food processor, and then smooching them through a sieve. I thought it looked like baby food and Zoe was certainly interested in the whole process.

Monday evening we got her ready in her eating attire. We learned quickly with the cereal that the easiest way to feed Zoe was with her in just a diaper. I’m sure we aren’t teaching her the best table manners, as now she only eats naked, but it makes our lives a bit easier. She was excited to be in her highchair and knew her frog bib meant food was on the way.

Zoe was a bit hesitant at first with the flavor of the new food, but quickly started to gobble it up. And get it everywhere. There were orange sweet potatoes all over her face, all over the highchair, and all over us! She did a good job with the new food though.

The next day, Zoe had that urge to sneeze right after taking a bite! Then I started teasing her by tempting her to blow bubbles, which she did, with a mouthful of potatoes! We are all just having a lot of fun with this time in Zoe’s life!

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