April 6, 2006

It has been too long since I’ve written and I apologize. Life turned crazy the past couple of weeks. First, Zoe had a bad reaction to her shots and had a fever. This was the day that we left for Wisconsin, so fortunately my mom was here to help take care of Zoe while I finished packing and such. It was really sad to see Zoe so uncomfortable and in pain. It was the first time she’s been like that and it was really heart breaking.

We left for Wisconsin on schedule and Zoe did a great job sleeping the whole way up there, with the exception for a quick stop in Culver’s. (Ugg…it turns out, I don’t like Culver’s, but when their signature dish is a “butter burger,” that shouldn’t surprise anyone!) We made decent time to Eau Claire and Zak’s Grandma and Grandpa we so thrilled to welcome us! They were so proud to finally meet and hold their first great-grandchild. In spite of the late hour, Zoe was all smiles. However, the smiles quickly melted and turned to cries when it was time for bed. She was trying to tell us that she had already slept for six hours and was ready to play. On the other hand we were trying to tell her that it was 10:00, then 11:00, then 12:00, then 1:00 and it was time to sleep, regardless of how many hours she had slept in the car. She got the hint when she kicked Zak out of bed onto the floor and snoozed in our bed.

Saturday morning Grandma and Grandpa Knott prepared a great breakfast and Zak’s aunts, Mindy and Amy came over to meet Zoe. Throughout the morning the rest of the Puigs trickled over. They all showered Zoe with love and hugs and kisses (and some absolutely darling spring and summer outfits!!) We spend a fabulous day catching up and playing with Zoe.

That evening we headed over to Nic and Val’s in Minneapolis. They welcomed us into their new, beautiful home and we spent the evening talking and such. Zoe had trouble adjusting to a new bedroom, yet again, and did not sleep very well (with the exception of the 3 hour stretch on me!) After another great breakfast Sunday morning, we all headed over to the Mall of America. Now Zoe, at the mere age of 4 months has been to numerous malls and shopping centers, but the Mall of America! A dream come true (even for an infant!) She was great and really had a great time! (Plus Zak got new shoes, so his feet wouldn’t be stinky anymore and that made Zoe very happy!)

We then went to Zak’s parent’s house and spent two nights there. They, of course, were thrilled to have a chance to play with Zoe. We went to the Science Museum on Monday and did some window-shopping in Stillwater on Tuesday. Zoe still hadn’t adjusted to all these new places and was not a great sleeper, so we came home a day early to get her back into a routine.

Throughout the whole trip my Grandpa was having some medical problems and ended up spending a week in the hospital and is spending two weeks in a nursing facility for physical and occupational therapy. From there he is moving into an assisted living facility near his home. It has been a terribly emotional couple of weeks for me, but all these changes are going to make his quality of life so much better in the long run. Zoe and I visit him once or twice a day and she brightens up his days! His face lightens up when Zoe is around and he is so proud of her.

So, we’ve been busy to say the least, so I apologize for the lengthy delay in getting this post up. We’ll continue to keep you all updated on our lives!!

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