March 23, 2006

We got home from Zoe’s four-month appointment a couple of hours ago. Zoe was great, laughing for the doctor and playing with his tie. The doctor, whom we like a lot, talked to us about starting Zoe on real food and answered our questions. Thankfully, Zoe is in great health and we don’t have to go to any specialists this time! She is 26 ¼ inches long (95 th percentile) and 15 pound 9.5 ounces (90 th percentile. Her head circumference is 41 centimeters or 16 inches. She’s still our perfect, BIG daughter!

I asked some pretty important questions that the doctor kindly answered (without laughing at me too much.) He said it was normal that her big toes were pointed on the bottom and the dark area on her nose is just veins, not a black eye or something. He explained how to clean her earwax (I had been scared to use a q-tip, but her said it was ok.) He said it is ok to bring her into a swimming pool (I was to bring her in the pool when we go to Peoria in a couple of weeks. Go BU!) We should test sunscreen on her ankle to make sure she doesn’t have a reaction. He answered our sleep questions and told us it was time to think about starting Zoe on one teaspoon of rice cereal a day.

Then came the horrible, terrible, scary, sad part of the appointment, the shots. Again there were four shots and two band-aids. The nurse came in to administer the shots and Zoe was all smiles and charm. We laid Zoe down on the table and Zoe kept an eye on me and a smile on her face. Then the nurse poked her thigh and about two seconds later it registered with Zoe that something just hurt her, a lot. Her face turned the brightest color of red and she then she let out the highest, most ear-piercing scream to date. It continued on through the other three shots. Poor girl. The good that came out of it, though, (besides Zoe not getting sick) is the darling pink band-aids. She settled down shortly after it was all finished. Hopefully, she won’t get a fever or have any reaction, but I’m prepared to be up all night with her.

Tomorrow we leave for our Wisconsin adventure, so there won’t be any posts until Wednesday or Thursday of next week, but I’m going to bring Emma (the computer) along, so I’ll still write updates to be posted when we get home.

Zak just let me know that the server is full, so he can’t put up any more pictures now. He wrote to “them” and asked for more. More what I’m not sure, but hopefully “they” will give more to Zak and we’ll be able to finish posting this batch of pictures and anymore that we take! Thanks for waiting patiently!

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