March 21, 2006

Your baby book asked that Dad and I both write you a letter. I assume they thought it would be a good idea to write it prior to your birth, but I’m fairly certain we hadn’t taken it out of the wrapper yet. I could have written it right after you were born, but life was too overwhelming, as we were adjusting to you being in our lives. Then came the following four months, which would have been a good time to write you, but I was busy taking care of you and trying to catch up on sleep. Tomorrow is your four-month birthday, and I am just now writing this letter. Perhaps you’ll be a procrastinator like your Mom and Dad (Dad hasn’t written his letter yet, either!)

Zoe, let me start by saying, you are perfect. I spend everyday with you and you make my life whole. Each morning you wake with a smile for me and it brings such a warm feeling to my heart. You grasp onto my fingers to play, caress my back while I feed you, and look me in the eyes and then burst out giggling. I love you for those gestures of love. Your noises are unimaginably peaceful and calm. You often sigh while sleeping and coo and ahh while playing. I didn’t ever think about those awesome things that you’d do, but they are what make me love you. In fact, I didn’t know that a sound, a touch, a smell, or a look could bring such love, but now I do.

I want nothing but the best for you, Zoe. I often wonder what you’ll do when you get older. Will you like tricycles, hula-hoops, pogo sticks, jump ropes, and roller blades? Will you like to finger paint, play with clay, draw with markers and crayons, and play with chalk on the sidewalk? Will you like sports, baking, shopping, dancing, and singing? Will you like reading, math, science, and writing? What will you do when you “grow-up?” You will answer all these questions for me as the days and years go on and I promise to patiently wait, supporting you always, allowing you to discover your passions and follow your dreams.

Your happiness is of utmost importance to us and I want you to know that you will always have the support of Dad and me. We will always do our best to stand behind you and your decisions, not because we’ll always agree, but because we’ll always love you. We will do our best to teach you how to make wise decisions and how to be a thoughtful, kind person.

Zoe, you have brought me such joy and love in the first few months of your life and I know you will only continue to surprise me with your wisdom and love. Thanks for being all that you are, so I can be the best mom to you. I look forward to each day of the future with you and will make the most of every moment.

Zoe, let me finish by saying, you are perfect.

With deep love,


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