March 20, 2006

We had yet another delightful weekend. Friday was obviously St. Patrick’s Day and Zoe doesn’t have any green at all, so she wore purple. She was still cute, of course. We went to Elgin and visited my mom and my grandma and grandpa. It was an easy-going, laid-back sort of day. Very relaxing. Although, my mom and I noticed that Zoe doesn’t have as much hair as she used to. This is slightly worrisome for a number of reasons. First, she looks very unisex. Not, that it’s a bad thing or anything. I’m just getting tired of people asking me how old he is. Second, I think I’m going to sound like an idiot when I ask the doctor for baby Rogain. Third, I am ready to do pigtails. I’m guessing that by the time she’s 13 she’ll have enough hair for pigtails, at which point she will probably not allow me to touch her hair, let alone put β€œbaby-pigtails” in it. Oh well. I guess I could look into those hair extension pieces they sell at mall kiosks. She could have an up-do by next week if we go that route!

On Saturday, we ran some errands and had another peaceful day. Zak and Zoe just love hanging out on the weekends. They played a lot of games and read lots of stories. It was a fun day.

Sunday Zoe met Nic’s parents and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and Nate. We met them at church with Nic’s Aunt Gussie and then we all went out for breakfast. It was a lot of fun and Zoe was all smiles and coos and drool! That afternoon Zak stayed home to work on his thesis, while Zoe and I went to Elgin for, one of my favorite meals, corned beef and cabbage. Yumm! Zak doesn’t like it at all so it worked out perfectly!

This is going to be a relaxing week. Zoe and I did grocery shopping today and will just hang out tomorrow and Wednesday. Zak is taking Thursday off to work on his thesis, so Zoe and I will try to be out of the house for most of the day. (Here we come Target and Walgreens and Jo-Anne Fabric and Sam’s and probably Starbucks too!) Zoe does have her four-month pediatrician appointment in the afternoon. She’ll get another round of shots, but hopefully he won’t send us to any specialists this time around! On Friday we leave for five nights in Wisconsin , visiting Zak’s grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousins, Nic and Val, and Zak’s parents.

I know this is a dull post, so I’ll try to liven it up by telling you about Zoe’s raspberries. Gosh, this girl is a riot. She will mimic us when we blow raspberries on her cheeks and it is so goofy. We’ll place a nice, wet one on her cheek and she’ll pause, look at us to make sure we’re done, and blow with a quite a bit of force. Then she’ll giggle. We can do this over and over again for a good amount of time! Little did we know four months ago we’d be so entertained with farting sounds. I mean, farting sounds are always amusing, but I didn’t know they’d be THIS much fun!

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