March 17, 2006

Two darling things Zoe has recently done:

1. A couple of days ago Zoe was hungry and starting to cry about it, but I wanted to change her diaper first. I put her pacifier in to relax her so I could get her into a new diaper. She took the pacifier out of her mouth with her hands and placed in on the bridge of her nose between her eyes and started sucking her hands. She started looking at the pacifier crossed-eyed, just sucking away at her hands! The pacifier just sat on her face the whole time I changed her diaper.

2. Yesterday I was giving Zoe a bath. She was playing with one of her rubber duckies and I was singing, “Rubber Duckie, you’re my friend…” As I was washing her toes (she gets more toe fuzz than anybody I know!) she picked up the rubber duckie and placed it on her tummy. She was completely content with the duck on her stomach and it remained there for most of the rest of her bath.

She is such a goof!

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