March 14, 2006

One thing I have learned about babies is how often they learn something new; Zoe is constantly picking up new habits and trying new things. The first time I see her do something new, I usually don’t believe it. I think that it was a fluke and if I tell anyone they certainly won’t believe me. Perhaps, I subconsciously worry that they’ll say, “Oh dear, Molly, babies aren’t supposed to do THAT. Have you had her evaluated?” But when Zoe begins to repeat it over and over I know it’s for real and it must be somewhat normal, because Zoe is just a baby and why would she do something so outlandish that people would think oddly of her? It is then I feel comfortable talking (and writing) about it. That being said, this post contains a new regular hobby of Zoe’s and an “I’m-only-going-to-do-it-once” activity.

So, Zoe has a new habit. She loves to make raspberry noises. She sticks her tongue out a bit and allows it to wildly vibrate between her lips. Out comes these sweet noises and drool. Lots and lots of drool. Probably more drool than noise. Some of the drool is long and dangles from her mouth. Some of the drool sprays everything within a three-foot radius of her. And some of the drool is like a straight dart, into Zak and my faces. There is no rhyme or reason as to when she’ll make these raspberry sounds. Most of her noises have a purpose of some sort, but this new sound is pretty random, yet consistent, at this point anyway. Pppbbbblllllww!

Yesterday afternoon Zak was lying with Zoe on her play mat. She was wearing her orange fleece pajamas with a small giraffe embroidered on it. The mat also has an orange giraffe with a tail that Zoe can grab and play with. Zak laid Zoe on top of the giraffe so it looked like she had grown a tail. It was so cute so I went upstairs to grab the camera. Meanwhile, Zak had put Zoe on her stomach for some tummy time. All of a sudden I hear Zak hollering, “Molly! Molly! Molly!” I rush downstairs (but not too fast because I fell a few weeks ago running down the stairs.) Zoe had flipped over to her back!! I was so amazed by my daughter, but also a little peeved that I wasn’t there to see it first hand. We flipped her back to her tummy and waited eagerly for her to do it again, but she made it clear she was done with tummy time. Now, I am so anxious to witness her flip. The doctor had said 10 minutes of tummy time a day; well, Zoe had about 40 minutes today. I’ll keep waiting, but I am fairly impatient when it comes to new, cool things and Zoe!

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