March 12, 2006

Background information: When Zoe is hungry she says, “Neee.” She pretty much has since birth and she’ll only say it when she’s hungry.

It is currently 5:14 in the morning and Zoe has had a remarkable night. She went down fairly easily and woke once at 11:30ish for her pacifier. She slept right through the 2:00 call from a Cook County Prison inmate who wanted to chat. (It freaked me out when called ID said PRISON. I thought, “What did Grandpa Harry do this time?”) In fact she woke just a few minutes ago and I knew she’d probably be hungry.

It may sound cruel, but I try not to make eye contact or talk to Zoe I the middle of the night. She always wakes up so happy, I don’t want her to think it is time to play. Well, she just woke with an ear-to-ear smile on her face. While I was changing her, her face suddenly transformed to a worried look, she whimpered once, grabbed my arm, and let out one weak, “Neee.” I just melted. It was so obvious she was saying, “Mom, I know you know, but I’m hungry.” When I picked her up I held her extra tight and whispered, “I know and I love you, Zoe.”

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