March 11, 2006

We have had the most delightful weekend so far! Yesterday my mom came out and we started the day by playing dress-up. It was actually more of what Easter dress fits better, the 3-6 month or 6-9 month one. We tried the larger one on first and it was clearly too big, so Zoe promptly spit up all down the front of it. Then we tried the smaller one and it fit much better, so Zoe promptly spit up all down the front of that one too!

We then went to a Verizon Wireless store. You see up until now there have been two groups of Americans, Zak and I in one group and the rest of America in the other group. We are fairly certain we were the only people left in America without a cell phone. Well, my friends, no longer! We have a cell phone!! It is mainly for safety precautions when Zoe and I are out and about, but also to cut down on our landline phone bill for all the calls I make to my parents. (You see, what Zoe is wearing at any given moment is of utmost importance to my mom!)

Then, us three girls spent the afternoon dining and shopping in downtown Hinsdale . It was lots of fun and of course Zoe was so perfect. She is such an easy-going, well-adjusted baby!

Today’s weather was the most beautiful of Zoe’s life thus far. It was sunny and nearly 70 degrees. So, after a homemade blueberry-blackberry waffle breakfast we headed over to the zoo. It was a glorious day. The animals were out and about and Zoe was alert and so happy (when she wasn’t sleeping!) In my opinion the most outrageous part of the day was the way Zoe was dressed. As you can probably guess, I partly pride myself on the darlingness level of Zoe’s daily attire. But this morning I was making breakfast, and Zak took it upon himself to dress Zoe. Knowing we were going to the zoo, Zak dressed Zoe in all animal clothes. Pink elephant onesie, red hoodie with a leaping zebra on it, sock-monkey shoes, and yellow monkey rattle mittens. Now close your eyes and try to picture it. If you are having trouble, Zak is posting pictures. It was the goofiest looking outfit ever. I kept remarking how it doesn’t match, but Zak was quick to respond, “Yes it does, it is all animals!” I guess you can’t argue that!

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