March 11, 2006

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written, so I suppose I should explain. Things have just been busy for me lately I guess. This whole baby thing certainly has put a crimper on my free time. I wake up each morning to go to work about 6, get home around 3:30, play with Zoe until about 6, then cook dinner which we usually end up being able to eat around 8. By then I’m ready to sit and do nothing for an hour before going to bed and doing it all again.

Since it’s Saturday now though, and Zoe is off eating with Molly, I have a few minutes to write a quick entry about the awesome day we had today. It all started about 4:30 this morning when I got up to give Zoe her bottle. She had a great night last night, quickly falling asleep around 7 or so. Molly and I had ordered a pizza from our newly discovered favorite pizza place Lucca’s. (When Nic and Val were here to visit a few weeks back we had it for the first time, and couldn’t wait to get it again.) Anyway, I was figuring that it would be sitting in the oven for a while since we had been having such a hard time convincing Zoe she should go to sleep recently. To my plesent suprise though, when I came home with the deliciousness Molly was downstairs waiting for me and Z was asleep in bed!

Since this entry is actually about today, and not last night I’d kindly ask that you ignore my digression in the previous paragraph. It’s just that it’s been a while since I’ve eaten today, and we’re planning on making grilled steak salads for dinner tonight, but there’s really no point in even lighting the grill until Zoe is good and asleep or we’ll be eating cold food. It’s nearly 7:00 now, and I don’t hear any noise coming from the next room so hopefully that’s a sign that she will be dreaming in her bed soon.

Hmmmm, I’ve digressed even further. . . Let’s just start over. . .

It all started about 4:30 this morning. I had gotten up to give Zoe a bottle and as usual she wasn’t really crying for one, it was more of a hungry grunt interspersed with the ocassional “Ni!”. When I went to her room she greeted me with a huge smile as she likes to mockingly do when she’s wide awake at 4:30, but I’m still in need of a few more hours sleep. So I went downstairs to start the microwave, then came back up and gave her a change. By then the water was ready and I went down to warm her bottle. After feeding her, she fell quickly back to sleep, and I was able to climb into my own bed for a couple more hours.

Shortly after 7, Z woke up and Molly brought her into bed with us, but I fell back asleep, as did Z as soon as she got into the comfy bed. I really can’t say that I blame her. Her bed is rock hard. They say that it’s good for babies to have firm matresses. But I’m convinced that it’s a government conspiricy. The feds know that if babies had nice soft matresses that they would actually like to sleep, giving their parents time to do the same (or at least eat a warm dinner once in a while). For some reason though our government has decided that keeping new parents awake and cold fed is the way to go.

Well, to make a long story – a long story – we woke up about 9. Molly went downstairs to make us some delicious homeade waffles with blueberry and raspberry topping. Zoe and I laid in bed smelling them. I though they smelled delicous. She thought that since they weren’t milk, they probably weren’t as good as milk. (I was right though, they were delicious)

After breakfast Zoe hung out in the bathroom for a while (she likes her bouncy chair in there) well I put a little effort into my homework for the week. I’m taking a school law class now, which is actually one of the most interesting classes I’ve taken, but there is also about 10 times the homework than I’ve had in any other class. I started working on my Master’s thesis again as well. Fortunatly, all of my research and data was right where I left it a year and a half ago. I managed to get it all organized, at this point I just have to type out the paper.

Finally, about 11:30 I hoped in the shower myself and we were all ready to start the day.

And what a day it was. We went to the zoo!!! It was Zoe’s third trip there. Well she and I were playing this morning she told me that she really wanted to see the vaca’s (she knows that that’s Spanish for cow). She slept through the first part of our time in the zoo, but as soon as she heard Molly and I talking about heading for the children’s zoo she perked right up. Here we are looking at the cows! She went back to sleep after that. We spent a good amount of time walking around some more, there’s a bunch of pictures in the photo gallery.

Then we did our grocery shopping, and came home and got ready for bed.

I feel like I didn’t put enough emphasis in this post about what it was that we actually did today, but that’s not really important. The important thing is that it was a really great day. It was almost 70 degrees out, and I got to go to the zoo with my two favorite girls! It was almost like summer (I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but summer has recently become a strong competitor for my favorite season. My other favorites, in no particular order are Winter, Fall, and Spring). Ok, that’s all now. I’m going to grill some steak!

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