January 23, 2006

We had quite the weekend. On Friday Zoe and I went to Elgin to hang out with my mom. It was such an exciting day. We started the adventure by taking a field trip to Woodman’s Grocery Store. You are probably thinking, “That sounds dull,” but WRONG!! It is the most exciting grocery story in the world. It is huge…about 4 football fields in length and they have every imaginable grocery item. For example, they have a chip aisle that is about 3 football fields long. I never knew there were that many different types of chips, but there are! And the cheese. My goodness, about 9,000 varieties of cheese. At least! And the yogurt. Organic, soy, whole milk, skim, fat-free, sugar-free, Vermont-made, Wisconsin-made, Dannon, ma and pa brand, fruit on the bottom, fruit on the top, fruit mixed in, cheap, expensive, carb-free, baby yogurt, and many more! Simply amazing. And the cereal. Four long, long aisles for cereal. It was the most amazing grocery store ever. My parents are the luckiest people ever because they get to shop there every week. I loved it there and Zak is really tired of me talking about it!

After our field trip we went to great, family-owned Italian deli for out of this world paninis. Yum. Fresh mozzarella and Italian meat. It was fabulous! After lunch we took Zoe to my mom’s work to show her off. It turns out they all knew all about Zoe, because mom is one proud Grandma. She held Zoe and was so thrilled to show her to all her coworkers.

We then went back to my parent’s house and waited for my dad to come home to play with Zoe. Again, such a proud grandparent. Zoe was so happy to be held by him, she was laughing and cooing. Then Zak came over and Michael soon joined us. Michael had given Zoe the most adorable piggy bank with her name engraved on it for Christmas, and Zoe asked Uncle Mike for change for it, but he didn’t have any. Next time. Uncle Mike is the most proud uncle ever. When he holds her there is such a twinkle in both Michael’s and Zoe’s eye. It makes me so happy to see him so in love with her.

Then, Zak, my parents, Zoe and I went to dinner at an Asian Fusion restaurant in downtown Elgin. It is one of Zak’s favorites. On our way there it started to snow pretty heavily and while we were enjoying our dinner it snowed really heavily. There was about a foot of heavy, wet snow in an hour and a half. (This is not an exaggeration, like the Woodman’s story!) We knew it would be too dangerous to drive all the way back to Brookfield so we spent the night at my parents house. Zak and my dad shoveled all the snow in front of the house, while my mom and I put together the pack-n-play. We all watched TV, ate homemade brownies, and had a fun evening. Although, it was not what any of us planned, it was a lot of fun. Dad even made homemade waffles in the morning, bringing back fond memories of childhood.

After church, yesterday we drove out to Batavia/Geneva to check out the area and ponder the idea of moving out that way. We’ll see if that happens.

Thanks for reading this long entry!!

Oh, and Zoe says hi!

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