January 18, 2006

For those of you who I don’t talk to daily, I just want to let you know that Zoe is ridiculously beautiful. I am so madly in love with every inch of her gorgeous personality. Everyday I gaze deep into Zoe’s eyes, studying her face and memorizing who and what she is now, so I will never, ever forget. She smells so good. Her breath is sweet and her skin smells of Johnson’s pink baby lotion. And soft. She skin is so soft. The saying is “as soft as baby’s skin,” and my god it’s true. Like silk. Let me tell you about her noises. She is so loud. Zoe just makes noise all the time. Soft, calm noises and loud, demanding noises. She makes noise while sleeping, while playing, while eating. My mom says I’ll never be able to discreetly feed her in public. She’s too loud! She’s too perfect. I’m so in love.

Anyway, we are having lots of fun these days. Zoe and I went to my school last Thursday. We spent the whole afternoon socializing and showing off Zoe. My students were amazed by her and were happy to see me again. On Friday, my mom came out to our home and us three girls went to Oakbrook. It was a first of many three generation shopping days! Zoe was wonderful, sleeping most of the afternoon.

On Monday Zak, Zoe, and I went to our first family trip to Brookfield Zoo. We tried to get Zoe super excited before heading out, but she would have none of that, but rather quickly fell asleep. Upon arriving at the zoo, Zoe was still asleep, but we went ahead and headed to the monkey house. Zoe had her first photo taken with Samson, the large gorilla statue. Zak and I saw while Zoe slept, the gibbons and Ramar the gorilla. We also saw the elephants because we wanted Zoe to know that they are gray, not pink, blue, purple, or yellow, like her toys. Unfortunately, Zoe slept through the elephants, so she doesn’t know the real color of elephants. On our way over to the zebras we stopped to pose in the pouch of a kangaroo. Zoe finally awoke for a few moments to see the animal that starts with the same letter as her name!

GH came over yesterday and got to know Zoe a bit better. He, like everyone, is in much awe of her. Today, we went to Starbucks and Zoe was the star of the place. Everyone wanted to talk to us, because of her.

I guess that is all that is new. We lead a fairly boring life these days, so thanks for reading about it. Also, don’t forget to sign the guest book, we love getting your messages.

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