January 11, 2006

Well, the good news is I have something to write about today other than Zoe’s bodily functions. The bad news is that it’s about her screaming. It’s been a rough couple days around our house since Zoe has been nearly inconsolable. Even after having her diaper changed, been fed, and comforted she hasn’t been content. Of course, she hasn’t wanted to have anything to do with her crib at night. Molly spent most of the nights two and three nights ago trying without too much success to get her to sleep. Fortunatly, last night was a bit better, she actually slept in her crib, and only woke about 3 times looking for food. Hopefully Molly will be able to catch up on her sleep a bit today.

Other than that things are going well. We’re back in our routine of school and work now. We do get a long weekend this week though for Martin Luther King day.

Alright a bit of good news to report today, unrelated to Zoe. You all know I have a soft spot in my heart for cows, and girls named Molly. You can imagine my relief when I learned that Molly the cow was going to be spared from the slaughterhouse. Apparantly, she was able to escape her impending doom by fleeing nearly 8 miles. Once she was finally recaptured it was discovered that she may be pregnant, what a good mother! Just like my Molly.

I guess since this is a good news/bad news day I might as well tell the rest of Molly (the cow’s) story. The slaugherhouse agreeded to spare her and held a call in poll for residents of Great Falls, MT (where she escaped) to decide whether she should be kept there or sent away. They voted 52% to 48% to ship her out. Worse yet, when a local DJ held a slaughter or save poll 75% voted to kill her anyway. Poor Molly. Good thing we live in a country where it’s possible to lose an election and still come out on top!

Read the story for yourself here.

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