January 8, 2006

Well, today is my last day of break before going back to school! It sure is too bad that breaks aren’t year round, because they are a lot of fun. Unfortunatly, someone has to pay the bills around here and Zoe doesn’t seem to be taking any initiative to do her part yet. I had actually suggested to Molly that we could rent her out as a light detector to people who were unsure of whether or not there was light around them. They could simply hold her up and if she stared in the same direction for a considerable amount of time it would probably be safe to assume that she was looking at light.

I think Molly may have mentioned her obsession in her last post, but I’m not sure that she pointed out the severity of the problem. I’m sure that someday Zoe will be saying “My name is Zoe, and I’m a light-a-holic”. Do other babies do that, or is she “special”?

One other cute Z story: I know we talk alot about her bodily functions, but come on, the kid isn’t even 7 weeks old yet. She doesn’t do a whole lot else. Last night she was sitting on my lap staring at the glare on a picture frame when she let out the biggest fart I think I’ve ever heard. The part that really got to me though was when she immediatly, but casually, turned her head and looked me right in the eyes for a few seconds before going back to staring at the picture. I’m not sure whether she was thinking “Did he notice?” or “Was that me, or him?”. Either way it was pretty cute.

She is definitly starting to seem much more like a real person to me now. For the first month her so she just looked and acted like a doll, that needed a whole lot of maitnence. Lately though I think I’ve come to accept that she is a real live person, who knows maybe it’s all the farting, it doesn’t get too much realer than that.

Anyway, I guess it’ll be good to be back in a routine, but I have had a great time the past couple weeks hanging out with Zoe and Molly.

On a website related note, I’m playing with the idea of adding a few features to this site. From Molly and my end it would become much easier to update and add posts. From you, our loyal reader’s point of view, you would be able to respond to each post and talk with each other. Go ahead and have a sneak preview here: http://zblog.physicsmonkey.com . Let me know what you think of the site (yes I know it’s not pretty yet , but at least it works!). Perhaps best of all it would open up the oppertunity for us to actually make a little money from the site with a bit of unobtrusive advertising on the side.

Alright, I leave you with this. I’ve tried without any success to get myself to drink coffee or tea, but I recently discovered the product that may change all of that: Monkey Picked Tea!

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