January 6, 2006

I was rereading some of the past posts and realized how often we talk about Zoe’s poop, pee, and spit-up. We aren’t really fixated on these aspects of her life, it is just that they are the most interesting. She does do other thi….wait a second, did I just say that poop is interesting. Ahh…my life has changed in the past six weeks.

She does do other pretty cool things too. She loves to look at light. Any light. In fact she had a very bad night last night and was up about 7/8 of the night (meaning we were too!) She cried and whined and moaned and it seemed nothing would satisfy her. I was holding her at 7:00 in her chair near the windows. She opened her eyes between sobs and realized she could see the sunlight between the slits of the wooden blinds. Almost instantly her cries stopped and she just stared at these tiny lines of light. I was holding her in a position where she was sitting up and she stared so hard she started leaning forward. She leaned so far, her upper half fell forward and into her lap. I know she was thinking, “Mom, all I wanted all night was light. If you had figured that out at 12:30 , you could have had hours more of sleep.” See, that is cute and doesn’t have anything to do with poop.

OK, I do have one bodily function story. Yesterday she spit-up so badly twice and peed once that she gave herself three body liquid shampoos. I don’t know anyone else who peed or spit-up THREE times in one day all over his or her head. (You may be thinking, “How do you pee on your head.” I’ll just say, “Zoe can do it!”)

I have to insert a small plug here. I like to browse the web while feeding Zoe and have found a great blog I think you may like. In fact, I bet many of you have heard of it. www.dooce.com Very entertaining! Check it out.

That is all for now.

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