December 22, 2005

Happy 1 month birthday to Zoe!

Hello to all! Today was my last day of school for the semester, I gave my last final and headed on out for Christmas break. This is my 2nd favorite break of the year (summer is first). So anyway to recent events:

Yesterday my parents stopped by on their way through to see my sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law in New York. It was nice they got to see Zoe again, we had a little Christmas celebration. I got a new hard drive, which is great since mine is rapidly filling up with pictures of Zoe, I’m planning on transfering all of the website files there so we can continue to add more! I also got a two week supply of socks, which is awesome. One of my ambitions in life for after I become rich is to have a new pair of socks for each day of my life so that I’d never have to rewear them. Anyway, I’m going to throw all my old socks away and start fresh.

We have quite the busy break ahead of us, we get to relax tomorrow, but then Sat we’re going to Molly’s parents, Sunday is Christmas, Monday my parents are coming back, Tuesday Molly is visiting the family she used to babysit for, Wednesday is Marshall Field’s walnut room day. The days are just packed! Hopefully we’ll be able to find a bit of time in there somewhere for sleep.

Really I guess we haven’t done too much the past week or so other than take care of Zoe. we’ll post lost of Christmas pictures here next week!

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