December 15, 2005

Hi again! Yesterday was Zoe’s first meal out. We went to Blueberry Hill for breakfast. She was awesome! She started to whine a bit when first got there, so Zak held her for the meal. It was nice to get out. Everyone in the restaurant was in awe of her. Our waitress loved her and was so nice to us. Two men were dining next to us and commented on how cute she is and a young boy (probably about 3 years old) kept staring at her. She certainly is at an age where she grabs everyone’s attention.

She also helped to make her first batch of Christmas cookies yesterday. She pretty much just watched, but someone needed to do that. She’s going to have to wait until next Christmas before she can eat one! Speaking of Christmas, we’ve been trying for days to take a picture for our holiday cards, but she is notorious for spitting up or pooping (or Zak dripping the vitamin D drops) on every outfit right before we take the picture. I guess that not only will our Christmas cards be late, but they also won’t have a “Christmasy” picture of Zoe on it! Oh well. I’m sure you all don’t mind!

I guess that is all that is new. I promise Zak will post new pictures soon! I guess it is too difficult for me to learn how, otherwise I would.

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