December 14, 2005

It is 4:17 a.m. right now and it is only Zoe’s second feeding all night!!!! Usually she wakes four times, but this might actually be a three waker night! Perhaps we’re making progress (although she was up six times on Sunday.) If a stranger had handed me a lot of money a few months ago, I would have wanted a pair of Seven brand jeans, a designer purse, or even the chance to do our weekly grocery shopping at Whole Foods, but there are some nights now where the first thing I’d do is hire a night nurse!

Yesterday was Zoe’s third week birthday. I can’t believe how fast the time flies!! She had her first doctor’s appointment last week and is a growing baby! She is now 9 pounds 2 and a half ounces and over 21 inches long! Her head circumference is 14 and 3/8 inches! We can’t believe how much she has grown! In fact, she grew out of her first outfit this week! The doctor said that all is well with her and he gave us lots of useful information. Zoe has to have an ultrasound of her hips next week due to her breech positioning for so long. We’ll keep you all updated.

Zoe and I are starting to get in more of a routine, or rather and routine that consists of no routine. I had been used to such a scheduled day, but now everything I do revolves around when Zoe wants me to do it. My mom came out a few times last week and was really a huge help. Parts of this new adventure are hard to adjust to! The thing I love most about spending my days with Zoe is getting to know all her little quirks. She makes such noise. Most often it is just sounds of contentment or chit chat. However, she has found her crying voice and it makes me so sad. She can just scream like no one I know. Thankfully, she is easily pleased and it doesn’t take too long to calm her down.

She went on her first major field trip on Saturday. I was quite anxious to get out of the house, so we went to Oakbrook and did all of our Christmas shopping. We were gone for almost four hours and Zoe did a fabulous job. She slept in her stroller for most of the adventure and didn’t fuss at all! It turns out that I got a baby that likes to shop! Yippee! I imagine there will be many a days in the future spent at Oakbrook!

I guess that is all that is new. Zak will post more pictures soon…I promise. We’ll continue to keep you all updated! Thanks for all your well wishes! Oh and as much as you probably enjoy reading these silly updates, I love reading your messages in the guest book, so keep them coming!!!

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