December 31, 2005

Happy New Year’s Eve! This has been an incredibly busy and fun week for all of us here. I’m going to try to update you on some of the happenings of our first week of Christmas break today. I guess it all started last Wednesday when my parents stopped by on their way to see my sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law in NY. That was the first time they and Zoe had gotten to visit since she was born. We had some delicious pizza from Salerno’s and opened Christmas presents. Needless to say Zoe began her run of making out like a bandit at Christmas. She especially like her new warm pouch for her car seat.

Christmas Eve we travelled to Elgin (Zoe’s furthest trip from home to date) to see Molly’s family. Again Zoe, made quite the haul, culminating in a new rocking horse. We made it to Church that night where Zoe and I went up for childern’s time and learned that God blesses grocers this year and she also got a glittery star ornament.

Christmas day we woke up and had homemade cinamon rolls thanks to Molly. Then Zoe started opening her presents. She was so overwhelmed by them that she fell asleep halfway through. Maybe next year she’ll be more into the whole present thing. One of my favorite presents she got was a new Z for her Z wall. Molly and I continued our tradition of Christmas nachos for dinner. Hmm, maybe I better explain that one. The first year we were married we had planned on making a ham for dinner. We both fell asleep in the afternoon though, and by the time we woke up it was much too late to start the ham. We scavanged around the kitchen and decided that the best sounding thing that we had the ingrediants for was nachos. Of course the nachos have improved a bit since that first year. This year the were topped with ground turkey, refried beans, cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, and olives (for Molly). And were served with salsa and cheese dip (for Zak) on the side. Mmmmmm. . . Christmas Nachos. . .

Monday my parents were coming back through again on their way back home. We also got a call from Dave and Lindsay that they were in town and wanted to meet Zoe, so it was good to see them even if only for a couple of hours. We had the best homeade lasagana Molly and I had ever made for dinner and played some Apples to Apples after dinner.

Tuesday, we hung out.

Wednesday we made our last annual trip to the Marshall Field’s Walnut Room for Christmas Lunch. (It’s becoming Macy’s next year). As always it was very delicious.

Thursday, we hung out.

Friday, we tried to get Zoe a social security number, but were rejected for not having 2 forms of ID for her, I guess we’ll have to try that again next week. We did open a bank account for her, since she is a Junior Saver she gets $1 in Aunt Diana’s money for each $100 she deposits. Molly and I were very happy to help her spend her newfound fortune in chocolate money on some Cashew Turtles! Thanks Z!

I guess that’s it for our adventures. A couple other Zoe notes though.

-Last week she set the new world record for a baby holding her head up while laying on thier dad’s stomach, almost 15 minutes. I kept telling her that she should take a rest but she was determined to set the record!

-She is super strong. Nobody believes me but she can stand up on her own as long as I hold her.

-She has to be the world’s fartiest baby ever. You could definitly put her up against any cow in the world for biggest methane producer.

-She really likes swinging, last night she went for like 3 hours and slept the whole time.

-For some reason she insists on peeing on herself whenever she’s having her diper changed. Well, ok, not everytime but it sure seems like it.

-She is really, really cute!

Ok, I guess that’s all I’ve got for now. Check back soon and don’t forget to leave her a note in her guestbook! Even if you already have, leave another! We love reading the notes from everyone, it’s nice to know people are looking at this creation of ours.

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