December 2, 2005

Some recent Zak quotes:

After dressing Zoe: What kind of “mean heart” would put the tag in front? Oh, maybe we should ask mom if your shirt is on backwards. (It was.)

After I crawled back into bed after feeding Zoe: Wake me up when the alarm goes off. (Referring to Zoe as an alarm clock.)

One of the reflexes Zoe has now is to throw both her arms above her head. Zak always stops mid-sentence and hollers: Praise the Lord! Halleluiah! Praise the Lord!

While holding Zoe: It is really gross to know that someone is pooping in my arms right now.

Waiting to change Zoe: I still hear those poopers coming out. Yeah, I’m going to wait to change you. Ha, ha, you shook that one out! I saw you shake that one out! You poop more than anyone I know.

While discussing the possibility of buying a baby wipe heater: If I don’t get heated toilet paper, neither does she.

Things have been fabulous with us lately. Zoe is still such a doll. So perfect. We have been having her sleep in he Pack ‘n Play in our room swaddled up and it turns out she is a great sleeper. She has been fairly consistent the last three nights and wakes at 11:00, 3:30, and 6:00. We are really so lucky! Maybe she’ll keep it up.

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