November 29, 2005

Although we have virtually done nothing lately, I feel like we have just all run marathons. Zoe and I just eat (or feed) and sleep. Zak on the other hand does everything that needs to be done in order to keep a house going, in addition to taking care of us. He is a real life Superman!

I called my doctor yesterday to schedule my 6 week post baby appointment and casually mentioned the little bit of swelling I have near the incision. Well that was enough to pretty much freak everyone out and we had to rush to the lab to get some blood work done. It is more of a challenge to “rush” anywhere now. I got the blood work done and then was told to wait for a call to see if I need to go to the ER right away. If no call comes I would need a 7:45 appointment in the morning. Well, we waited all evening and we received no phone call, assuming the blood work came back decent. All three of us were up and going early this morning and the doctor said that everything is fine and it is actually is healing very nicely. Phew!

I want to direct you to another part of Obviously, the original intention of this website was for Zak and his students. If you visit you will see Zak’s question of the week for his students. I think it is pretty darling.

I guess that is all for now…plus Zoe is getting hungry.

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