November 29, 2005

First, on a lighter note (yeah that’s right, I know that if I want to rant about pirates, or monkeys, or any other crazy stuff I have to do it first, or you’ll just read the Zoe parts and then skip the rest) I went out today to do a couple of errands. One of which happend to be to pick up a new furnace filter. I felt confident in my selection a 14x20x1 inch model that claimed to be able to filter even the smallest of muons. Anyway, as I said I was feelin’ fine . . . until . . . I got home and actually read the package. You may want to see it for yourself first, or I know you won’t believe me. Here, have a look.

So I’m supposed to be OK with an air filter I can trust “. . . Sometimes”? What kind of sneaky underhanded crap is that? Not to mention that they go on to make the claim that “Air Filtration is Rocket Science”. Next time an air filter powers its own trip to another planet we can talk, but until then, it’s just an air filter, and I expect it to filter my air ALL the time, no questions asked. Next time I guess I’ll read the package more carefully.

Aliright, on to the Zoe stuff. She stayed up all night last night. I’m assuming that’s a mean trick that Chloe taught her in the hospital. It seems that she doesn’t like her crib very much, and would instead prefer to sleep on top of either Molly or I. So the two of us, like idiots, spent last night taking turns sleeping in the chair with her. At least it’s a nice leather recliner. Maybe we’re just too soft for her. You’d think that since we outnumber, outintelligence, outweigh, and outeverythingelse her we’d be able to get her to sleep on her own in her crib. I guess it’s because she outcutes us that we can’t do it. So because of that she and Molly have been sleeping all day today. I just took this a few minutes ago. Here’s one from a bit earlier this morning.

Zoe has a couple of faces that I absolutly love. She does a great snake impression where she sticks her tongue out and wiggles it around. She has also mastered the “drunk sailor look” which she gets just after eating, her lion impression is also coming along nicely (that’s a yawn, not a cry). Although I don’t have a picture of it, my favorite is when she lifts her eyebrows way up, but keeps her eyes closed. She looks so important and content at the same time.

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