November 28, 2005

Well, first things first. I know that none of you wanted to read what we had to say, and only came to look at the pictures anyway so here they are.

For the couple of you that are still here I thought I’d tell a little bit more about last week since I really only got up through the first day yesterday. Wednesday my parents, Molly’s parents, Molly’s Grandparents and Mary came to visit. I took a shower for the first time since Monday morning. Zoe slept and ate a lot. I forgot to mention that on Tuesday night before bed we read “Are You My Mother”. We tried to read “8 silly monkeys” on Wednesday, but she fell asleep by the time we got down to 5, so I guess we’ll have to try again some other time.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, I ran home in the morning to clean up. One of my favorite memories of the week was probably while I was driving home, I realized that I could still feel her pressing against my chest from the nap she had taken there a little while before. Just after I got back my parents came to see her one more time before they headed back home. Then we got to spend an afternoon on our own as a family. In the late afternoon G&G Paris, Uncle Mike, and GG Harry brought us Thanksgiving dinner. They stayed to visit her for a bit. After they left we ate dinner and had our first holiday together, although Zoe being there certainly moved the spotlight away from the holiday.

Friday we were on our own for the day which gave us some more family bonding time. Nothing too eventful, but like the rest of the week it certainly was memerable. Plus I took my favorite picture of the week.

Saturday we got to come home together for the first time! Of course, before we left the hospital we took this family portrait, that made even the candy striper say “Oooohhhhh”. Zoe slept all the home home, I guess the car ride must have bored her. Actually, she slept most of Saturday afternoon as well. It was the first time she had ever seen her house, so I guess taking it all in must have tired her out. I gave her a tour of the family room, and she really like the pictures that we have hanging over our couch. She especially like the one of the US Capital building. She was an excellent sleeper Saturday night, only waking up at midnight, 3, and 8 for something to eat which made us very happy.

Sunday she had some more visitors, she got to meet Nic and Val for the first time. I’m hoping they get on the ball, and make her a husband pretty soon! She also got to see her first football games, unfortunatly the Bears won theirs and the Packers lost.

Although she didn’t sleep quite as well last night, she did manage to sleep until 8 this morning again, which we were really thankful for. She and Molly took a nap together after that while I did my best to keep you updated here and keep us in clean laundry!

Well, that’s it for now. Now that I’m caught up though, I’ll do my best to update this day by day. I have more pictures and video to add to, so check back soon.

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