November 15, 2005

I feel badly about not writing lately, but things have been pretty busy. First, one of my mom’s friends had a beautiful shower for me last week. I truly can’t get over how generous everyone has been!

Last Wednesday, we had an ultrasound to see if the baby is flippable. The doctor didn’t think her head was in a great position and said that there was a good amount of fluid, but not a great amount. He probably would have done the version (flip) if we had really wanted, but we decided it wasn’t worth the risk. Therefore, we scheduled a c-section for December 1. That happens to be Zak’s grandpa’s birthday, so I think that is pretty cool.

We had another appointment yesterday and the doctor seemed to indicate, that things could progress quickly at any point now. He made it very clear that we would need to get to the hospital immediately if the water broke or anything. He also said that we would say in the hospital for 2-4 nights depending on how everyone is doing. He said he didn’t foresee any problems happening and it should be a fairly short stay. I think I would rather 2 nights over 4. We’ll just wait and see what happens.

I’m in the process of wrapping everything up at work. All my lessons are done through December 9 (including copies made, which is a huge accomplishment as I usually make copies about 3 minutes before I need them!) I have told my principal that I will start the maternity leave on after Thanksgiving. That means only 5 more days of teaching! Yippee!

I had the big “What if Mrs. Knott’s Water Breaks During School” discussion today. It was fairly entertaining, especially when the line “we all pee our pants sometimes” came out of my mouth. (It just so happens that I have had a number of students who have already had accidents this year.) I think they will be able to handle it well.

I guess that is all that is new here. I am just so anxious at this point. I’m tired and hurt everywhere. This whole third trimester thing is tough work!

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