November 1, 2005

We had our 35th week doctor’s appointment today and much to our surprise our sweetie is upside down!!! She is without a doubt in a breech position. The doctor thought the position was a little suspicious so she preformed an ultrasound and sure enough her head is up and her rear end is down. From the time when I was able to feel the baby, I have always felt a bump in the same spot. I had thought it was the bottom, but it is actually her head. I guess she’s been settled into this position for a while now. The doctor was great and talked very openly and honestly about breech delivery and C-sections. They usually schedule C-sections for the 39th week of pregnancy, but only about 50% of breeched babies actually make it to that date. So, the baby has a very high chance of coming early! It turns out they like to kick open that bag of fluid and then labor has begun! The surgery itself is quick, but the recovery time is longer. We’ll just cross that bridge when we come to it. One super positive note is that she won’t have a goofy shaped head if born with the C-section (unless it is geneticly funky shaped!) Anyway, we have a lot of reading to do and I know that Zak and I as well as the doctors will make the best decisions for the baby!

Also, within the last week the baby has certainly dropped. I used to feel a lot of pain in my rib cage, but that has disappeared and now I feel a lot of pressure in my lower region. I think I may have also felt a few contractions over the past few days. Also new, is the CONSTANT need to go to the bathroom. I get up all night now. I can now literally say the baby is kicking me in the bladder. (I used to think she was punching me or something.)

On a completely non-baby note, Zak’s two Aunts came to visit us this past weekend. Although Zak was pretty busy with his conference, we had a great weekend. On Friday we went to our favorite bar/restraunt for drinks and dinner. On Saturday we spent the whole day in the city. It was a complete blast. We shopped all of Michigan Ave. and had fun in all the girly stores that I usually don’t get to go in with Zak. We then took a trolley to Navy Pier (or as it being the weekend of Halloween, Navy Fear.) We had a genuine Chicago style dog and walked and shopped on the Pier. There were tons of darling kids dressed up for Halloween. We then went to State Street and shopped along there and ended up at Marshall Fields were we stopped for a drink. After that Zak met us at Pizzaria Due for some yummy Chicago style pizza. It was a great weekend and it was especially great to see them.

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