November 15, 2005

I am very anxious for “baby” to come out. For one thing I’ll be able to stop refering to her as “baby” here and just call her by her actual name! Plus, we’ll get to read stories, and play with rattles, and all kinds of fun stuff.

We went to the police station today to have our car seats installed. I didn’t feel like such a failure at putting them in when the officer who did it told me that he had taken a 2 week class on how to do it properly. It seemed like the most important part was pressing really hard with your knee while pulling really hard with your hands. I’m not sure why it took him 2 weeks to learn that, but I guess it’s tax money well spent.

There’s not too much else new with me, like I said we’re just counting down the days!

I almost forgot, this picture is from last Saturday night, Molly and I decided to have one more dinner out on our own before “baby” came. Mmmmm, Melting Pot.

Alright, anyone who’s actually read this far down deserves a treat, so here is a photo. Really, go look at the picture first, then come back here and read what it’s a picture of. Otherwise you won’t look at it, I know you. And you really should at least look because it’s kind of neat. Ok, now that you’ve looked I can tell you that was a picture of one of the overheads from Dr. Lederman’s talk. Who draws guys climbing bullet points? That’s awesome.

Fine, so you’re not impressed, then take a look at this big ass burrito. One night last week Molly was off somewhere, so I went to Baja Fresh, and since I had a coupon for a free burrito I ordered the “Burrito Dos Manos”. At 8 dollars and 20 pounds it was a monster of a meal. In fact, it became the “Burrito Dos Dias” since it took me that long to finish it.

Did you ever hear the one about the Monkey and the Sunburned Banana?

Alright, one more piece of useless knowledge to fill your head. It turns out that scientists have largly been wrong about the causes of global warming. Rising temperatures can largely be attributed to a recent decline in pirate activity. If you don’t believe me just have a look at this handy graph:

Thankfully, pirate attacks are now on the upswing as reported here.

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