October 20, 2005

Well, as Nic would put it, “baby” is getting ready for her first party this weekend. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to see a bunch of people I haven’t in a long time as well.

As always, she’s doing fine. She still kicks and pushes on Molly excessivly. I’m sure that once she decides to come out (only 3-7 more weeks) Molly will forgive her for all the pain she caused! Then, from what I hear, I’ll be the one in pain from all the staying up late. That’s ok though, Civ IV comes out in a couple of days, so if I can’t fall back asleep there’s always that to do.

Not too much else happening here. I bet that this “baby oriented” website will be a lot more interesting once there’s an actual baby here to talk about.

I do have a bit of exciting news for all you techie baby shrimp fans. Well, ok, it’s actually simple enough that anyone can do it. Baby Shrimp’s Big Website (hereafter BSBW) is proud to announce we now have our own RSS feed. For those of you who already use RSS simply add http://family.physicsmonkey.com/feed.xml to your list of feeds. For those of you who haven’t used RSS before now is a great time to start! Chances are you already have RSS capabilities in whatever email program you use, if you’d like though I’d be happy to help you get started. Send me an email or give me a call and I’ll help out however I can.

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