October 12, 2005

Well, I aplogize again for the long delay in making a post here. I know you are all eagerly awaiting news of “baby”. Things have been pretty busy around here though with the end of the quarter coming up in school.

Anyway, the news is all good, she is still kicking like crazy, and pushing into Molly’s ribs and stomach and lungs and anywhere else she can. So Molly is anxious to get her out to get some relief from the pain of the pushing, and I’m just anxious to get her out so that I can read her stories and play “what does a worm say” and other fun stuff like that.

We had our last class on how to have a baby on Monday of this week, they were ok. Molly wanted there to be more info on how to breathe, but I guess we can look that up online. Now we just have two other classes to take, one on breastfeeding and another on caring for newborns. Then I guess we’ll be all ready for her to come out!

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