September 21, 2005

A Reading From “The Baby According to Zak” Chapter 6 Verses 8-11

8. Thou shall gather together two of every toy. One of a greenish type color and the other of a golden purple. Gather them in baskets and bring them to the baby, for she will desire them in her moods of play.

9. Thou shall also collect a multitude of clothing, blankets, and swaddling type stuff in which to wrap her tight.

10. Thou musn’t forget about major furniture purchases such as thy baby’s crib, rocking chair, dresser, rug, drapes, bookshelf, etc, etc.

11. Once thou hast gathered all the supplies bear in mind that diapers, food, junglie monkeys, play areas, swings, and college funds have yet to be gathered.

Wow, that’s a lot of gathering. . .

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