September 20, 2005

Hi everybody! Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve written. It’s been an absolutly hectic past week and a half. I’ll start from last Monday:

Monday 9/12 – We had our first “How to Make a Baby” class. It went pretty well, but it was mostly review for us.

Tuesday 9/13 – My birthday. It had the potential to be very sad since I worked all day and then went straight to class until 8:00 PM. Molly made it great from the start though by making me monkey pancakes for breakfast, and then getting me some wonderful presents when I got home.

I just decided that I’m no longer going to call my daughter shrimp because when I gave it to her she looked like a delicious shrimp, but now she just looks more like a person, so I need a new nickname. So I’m going to go with “baby” it is a much more accurate description of what she looks like.

Anyway, baby also got me two books to read to her, so I did that of course. Molly got me Guess Where which is a very fun game to play.

Wednesday 9/14 – We had a check up at the doctor, everything was fine, baby’s heartbeat was in the mid 150’s which is perfect. She’s going to kick butt on her APGAR.

Thursday and Friday we finally got a chance to relax, sort of.

Thursday 9/15 – Molly had to babysit, so I finished putting together the new home theater I got for my birthday from our parents, GH, and myself. Did you know that a freezer sized baggie can hold $160 worth of coins? It’s true!!!

Friday 9/16 – We went to the mall to buy a post for our closet system. Since we were all the way out there I decided that we should pick up Papa Murphy’s (the most delicious pizza ever) for dinner. So we drove out to it only to find a note on the door that that store had gone out of business and an address for the nearest location. Being the thrill seekers that we are we decided to find the “nearest location” Let’s just say that we found it and after an hour and a half of driving were home to eat that delicious pizza.

Saturday 9/17 – We went to Madison to meet my parents for the day. We shopped at the Farmer’s market and got some awesome tomatos and mushrooms. The corn and lettuce weren’t great. Then we ate some Potbelly for lunch and met up with my Aunt and Uncle to go to the Capital Brewery for the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday 9/18 – Ran our typical errands for the weekend. Oh, I also fixed our garage door, which made me feel like a huge stud. I installed 2 new #3 hinges and a new #2 hinge. Yeah, I bet you don’t even know what a #3 hinge is, do you?

Monday 9/19 – We had our “How to Make a Baby” class number 2, which again was ok at first. Then we got to go upstairs to see the nursery and the place where baby and Molly and I are going to live for the first night or two. It was very nice, probably better than any hospital I’ve been in. In the nursery though, there was one baby whose hat had fallen off. That made her very sad, and I wanted someone to put it back on her, but they didn’t. So when baby is there I’m going to make sure that she gets to keep her hat on.

Also when I got home my sister called to tell me that Greg finally engaged her! So that’s happy news, congratulations to them.

TODAY!!! Wow, this has been the longest post on here ever I wonder how many people will actually read all this way down. You know, this really hasn’t lived up to my comic potential either. I feel kind of bad. Like I should have some great joke down here or something. Hmmm, well… Ok, I tell you what. I don’t really have anything. I will point out though that the Monday 9/12 entry above made me laugh out loud while I was writing it. Get it, “mostly review”. Anyway. . .

I have class tonight, and Molly has to babysit so we won’t be home until 8:00. Just in time to go to bed. That’s it for today!

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